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Welcome to Keane Air Conditioning.

​Keane Air conditioning are Fujitsu Authorised partners. We provide high quality, energy efficient, reliable Fujitsu products accompanied by superior customer service. Because we are Fujitsu Authorised partners we can offer you these great products at a discounted rate.

The benefits of regular services and maintenance on your air conditioning system?


There are many benefits to having your air conditioner regularly serviced. Your air conditioning unit will work more effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Regular servicing is beneficial to your health, regular checks will help identify mould and allergen build up on the coil and fan assembly which can impact poorly on air quality.

There are also the benefits regular servicing has of eliminating more extensive and more costly repairs later, identifying and rectifying potential problems before they become to extensive. Without regular services your unit may steadily decline in performance and cost efficiency, costing you more in energy bills.


How frequently should your air conditioner be serviced?


Depending on the frequency of use Keane Air recommend servicing your air conditioning unit every 6 to 12 months.


Call us now to arrange for a service on your system. Ask us about setting up a reminder to arrange a service for your system every 12 months.

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